"Toricky and Momo are 2 exploring birds always seeking for new adventures. Following one Yellow Crystar requesting their help, they will arrive to a legendary Palace where Jewels with a mysterious power called “Crystars” were enshrined. The place, which should be filled with people, seems to have been deserted. What did happen? Where could have the inhabitants of the Palace gone? To find this out, Toricky and his flying partner Momo will begin a great adventure where they will have to solve numerous puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, fight terrible Pirates and save a mysterious Princess !"


TORICKY's OST is composed by
the legendary composer of Secret of Mana, Hiroki Kikuta who also worked on many other famous games like Soul Calibur V or SEGA's Shining Series.
and, Dale North, a talented composer for video games and digital media based in San Francisco.


*An Old School designed platformer, illustrated with beautiful Manga visuals.

*Interactive environments with a unique gameplay mechanic based around flight

*30+ hours of gameplay for the completionist

*Non-linear gameplay with 7 Great Zones divided into various Areas

*56 Crystar to save, each with their own Time Attack Challenge

*12 gigantic, screen-filling bosses

*Over 400 lines of dialogue fully voiced in Japanese

If you want to experience a whole new style of platforming game, far from "Run & Jump" Classics,TORICKY is the game you were waiting for !!


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